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Give $25 Get $25*

Give your friends $25 off on their first order and earn $25 off your order.

How to refer your friends & family


To refer a friend, log into your account and click on the green rewards icon on the lower left side of the page (it features a hand holding a star).


Scroll down until you see "Referrals". From there you can send your friend your unique referral link so they can save $25 on their first purchase over $100.

* Please note that your friend must create a rewards account, be logged in during checkout, and use your referral link/code during checkout in order for the referral to count and for you to earn your $25 reward on any order over $100.

Start referring your friends & family

Sign in to get started and if you don't have an account you can create an account here to get started.


Is there a limit on how many people I can refer per month?

No! You can refer as many people as you want and earn rewards for all who qualify.

Does the person I refer need to be a first-time customer?

Yes - they cannot be someone who has purchased from our site before.

Can I use more than one referral credit on a single order?

No - just like with all of our promo codes, only one can be used per order.

I did not receive my referral credit - why not?

Your friend must create a rewards account and be logged into it during checkout in order for the referral to count. If your friend did not create an account or was not logged in, the system will not count this as a valid referral.