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use aromatherapy to improve your mood instantly

use aromatherapy to improve your mood instantly

You don’t need to be an aromatherapy enthusiast to have experienced the power of scent. In fact, you don’t even need to know what aromatherapy is. You know that moment where a familiar song, sight, or in this case smell flips a switch and your entire mood changes? That’s pretty much how it works.

Aromatherapy is about intentionally using natural scents from essential oils to improve your wellbeing, instantly. Although our sense of smell isn’t as clearly understood as our vision and hearing, there’s no doubt that our olfactory sense impacts our consciousness. Though it’s history has an alternative connotation, these days aromatherapy is used to treat a variety of psychological conditions, including Alzheimer’s and dementia. Smell is powerful stuff.

When it comes to health and happiness, we like to work every natural angle available to us. That’s why Tata developed our Aromatherapy Collection around everyday moments where maybe you just need a little extra love. And it’s not just the chemistry—our small packaging is designed to fit perfectly in your pocket so you can dab your palms and take five deep breaths wherever, whenever, and as often as you’d like.

No matter what your mood is, there’s an aromatherapy to help you manage it. Let’s see how we can help.

aromatherapy stress

Breathe in Aromatic Stress Treatment, breathe out tranquility. The key ingredient here is frankincense, and the benefits include reducing irritability and negativity to promote positivity and openness.

aromatherapy irritability

In our Aromatic Irritability Treatment, the scent of chamomile promotes feelings of calm and comfort, patchouli oil promotes relaxation, and bergamot cheers you up and helps relieve irritability.


Love Potion contains davana, the chameleon of aphrodisiacs that subtly changes its own aroma to compliment your unique scent. It also promotes positive energy and feelings of inner peace, while other key ingredients relieve tension and anxiety, boost confidence, and promote bliss.


Aromatic Bedtime Treatment features mandarin essential oil to help calm your overactive mind with warm floral undertones, while lavender helps to soothe, balance, and calm you for a deep rest and easy sleep.


Counter feelings of fatigue and boost vitality with Aromatic Energy Treatment. Scents of jasmine enhance your sense of alertness and attentiveness, sweet orange inspires cheerfulness and vigor, grapefruit helps to fight lethargy, and lemongrass helps restore balance and harmony.

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