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The Formula Strategy That Powers Superkind

The Formula Strategy That Powers Superkind

After conversations with family and friends that were experiencing reactive skin, Tata was inspired to create solutions for them that were completely natural. She realized that they were having to settle for simple, often synthetic, solutions that didn’t deliver real skincare results. We wanted to give reactive skin the powerful results they’ve been missing out on with gentle formulas their skin could tolerate. It took a year of research and two years of formulation to engineer our super powerful yet super gentle solutions — now skincare for reactive skin will never be boring again.  

What is Reactive Skin?

Reactive skin covers both sensitive and sensitized skin. While sensitive skin is a skin type you’re born with, sensitized skin is a condition that can be developed over time. Both are reactive, both have a weakened skin barrier, and both experience symptoms like inflammation, redness, dryness, dehydration, and so on. So, how do you know if you’re sensitive or sensitized?

For those with sensitive skin, this is a skin type you’ve inherited at birth and are typically prone to allergic reactions, eczema, and rosacea. While there’s so much fun to be had experimenting with new products, you’ve probably avoided the risk entirely. Past reactions from soaps, detergents, and other products loaded with fragrance and other irritants were convincing enough so that you’d never reach for those again and instead, you've settled for safer and less exciting formulas. The reason behind those reactions lies within the delicate, thin, and weak skin barrier you were born with. 

For those with sensitized skin, you’ve probably developed the condition for a number of reasons. Our environment will directly affect how the skin, usually just on our face, will react. Whether we’re living in an urban setting, being exposed regularly to UV rays, the weather, and even a stressful environment. Other lifestyle factors will also result in sensitized skin like fluctuating hormones, travel, diet, and personal stress. Together, these environmental and lifestyle factors compromise your skin barrier, leaving it weak and leading to reactivity.

Whether you’re born with it or it developed overtime, reactivity is the sign of a weakened skin barrier. And because a strong, functioning skin barrier is meant to protect against stressors, irritants, and other allergens passing through skin, a weak barrier essentially leaves your skin defenseless. Reactive skin can sometimes feel like a mind field when figuring out what’s causing the irritation but by singling out what your skin can and cannot tolerate, you’ll get closer to knowing how best to care for it.  

Why It's Called Superkind

To create real skincare for reactive skin, we developed formulas that are as powerful as they are gentle. We know that reactive skin is complex, and that’s why we believe the best solutions for it are too. So naturally, we stepped up to the challenge to engineer these multifunctional solutions that are made with everything you want and nothing you don’t.

Super Powerful Technology

As natural skincare experts, we know nature is powerful enough to work gently which is why engineered Superkind with more ingredients for more results. After a year of research, we discovered 36 new ingredients from 13 different countries — all meticulously selected for reactive skin. The result? Multi-benefit formulas that actually work. Now, reactive skin can finally experience all the anti-aging, radiance restoring benefits it’s been missing out on while fortifying the skin barrier, defending against stressors, and keeping skin calm.

Super Gentle Technology

In order to create these ultimate, stress-free formulas we had to add even more formulation requirements to not just meet our usual green beauty but to ensure these formulas were also completely hypoallergenic. All together, we excluded over 85 of the most common irritants and allergens — like soy, nuts, gluten, essential oils, fragrance, harsh acids, and harsh exfoliants. Knowing these common irritants can trigger reactive skin, we tossed them out entirely to create formulas that would support a strong skin barrier. Because absence makes the skin grow stronger.

Discover Skincare That Doesn't Settle

Experience the Superkind line for yourself. First, dissolve buildup with our non-stripping Softening Cleanser, then delicately refine your skin with our Radiance Mask, and then finish off with our Fortifying Moisturizer to ward off daily aggressors and restore balance to your barrier.

By leaving out a comprehensive list of potentially irritating ingredients and pairing it with our skin barrier fortification technology, we were able to make these powerful formulas approachable and friendly for reactive skin. So now, reactive skin is finally free to experience real skincare for real results.

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    Superkind Radiance Mask

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    Superkind Fortifying Moisturizer

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