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Our Favorite Beauty Editors Reflect On The First Decade of Tata Harper Skincare

Our Favorite Beauty Editors Reflect On The First Decade of Tata Harper Skincare

Some might say beauty editors are the ultimate beauty gurus. They have unlimited access to every product on the beauty market—and spend time testing every single one. So you know when they give their stamp of approval it actually means something. That’s why, we’re so grateful that they’ve witnessed (and supported )our green beauty journey from the beginning. Since our very first launch up until now, they’ve cleansed, moisturized, misted, and masked with our entire green beauty lineup, and have found their favorite ones. Keep reading for their thoughts about the last decade of green beauty and, of course, the Tata Harper product they can’t live without.

Megan O'Neill, Senior Beauty Editor at Goop  & Co-Host of The Beauty Closet Podcast

"Everything about the products are gorgeous — the silky textures, their fresh scents — and when you meet Tata herself her skin gleams and I swear she smells, impossibly, of flowers every time I see her."

April Long, Beauty Director at Town and Country

"Tata's farm is heaven on earth, but it's so much more than just a beautiful landscape — it's also a state-of-the-art natural ingredient research & development laboratory." 

Jenn Goldstein, Co-Host & Co-Founder of Fat Mascara Podcast

"Tata has such a magical energy and was one of our first guests we had on our beauty podcast. Whenever I use the Aromatic Stress Treatment — which is often — I think of her, and the Vermont Farm."

Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Editor-at-Large at The Cut

"I remember the first time Tata visited our team, with her infectious enthusiasm and impressive knowledge about ingredients. Sure, she was beautiful & chic, but what impressed me most was her brain and how she decided to use it."

Ali Finney, Beauty and Fitness Director at Well+Good

“Tata Harper's green tubes have dotted my bathroom for every last minute of the past decade, in part because there's no skin condition that she hasn't dreamed up a remedy for. My all-time faves: her creamy cleanser that reminds me of orange sherbet, the resurfacing mask, and the hyaluronic moisturizer, which combines 2 hydrating steps into one.”

Jessica Matlin, Beauty Director, Harper’s Bazaar, Co-Host & Co-Founder Fat Mascara

"I remember meeting Tata for lunch at an outdoor restaurant in Vermont. When she arrived, this scent wafted over me. It was like a lullaby. Turns out it was Aromatic Stress Treatment, and I was in a trance."

SunHee Grinnell, Former Beauty Director at Vanity Fair

"She came to see me 10 years ago when she was launching her skincare. I remember thinking, "Wow, what a refreshing natural beauty!" Happy Anniversary, Tata!"

Astrid Taupin, Lifestyle Contributing Editor at French ELLE and Le Figaro Magazine

“I have been following Tata’s development of her brand since day one. I am very proud of what she has achieved so far. After testing numerous products that are now available on the market, Tata Harper is still in my top 3 beauty brands for all time.”

Faith Xue, Editorial Director at Byrdie

"It's hard to choose my favorite Tata Product (there are so many!), but these days I've been emotionally reliant on her Aromatic Stress Treatment to get me through the day. Whenever I start feeling tired, sluggish, or stressed, I dab some on my wrists, rub them together, then breathe in deeply. It's the five-second moment of calm that instantly transforms my mood and helps me feel more relaxed and happy. I do it before bed, too!”

Roberta Schroeder, Acting Digital Beauty Editor at Harper’s Bazaar UK and Ecommerce Beauty Editor at Hearst

“Happy 10th Birthday Tata Harper skincare! I came to Tata Harper via the Very Highlighting cream, which is still my go-to for quick cheekbone radiance. Since turning 30, I’ve come to rely on the Resurfacing Serum, which exfoliates and brightens without sensitizing my easily upset skin.”

Karina Hoshikawa, Beauty and Wellness Market Writer at Refinery29

“My favorite Tata product was actually the first one I ever tried, years ago — the Revitalizing Body Oil. From the gorgeous, lush scent to the decadent texture, it was completely love at first sight. Body oils can be impracticably wet and greasy, but not this one. It's the ultimate luxe beauty treat.”

Lauren Balsamo, Deputy Beauty Director  at Cosmopolitan

“Tata Harper was the first  green brand I ever really used—I’ve been hooked ever since! The first time I went to the farm was back in 2016—everything about it was magical.” 

Her Tata Must-Haves: Resurfacing Mask and Purifying Mask


Steph Saltzman, Beauty Director at  Fashionista 

“I'm fairly certain the first Tata Harper product I encountered was the Hydrating Floral Essence. I've pretty much never met a face mist I didn't like, but this one — with its soothing scent and immediate dew-ifying effect — was an instant favorite.”

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