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Meet The Team That Helped Build Tata Harper Skincare

Meet The Team That Helped Build Tata Harper Skincare

At Tata Harper Skincare, we’re more than a brand, we’re a family. Over the last decade, we’ve watched our beauty dream turn into a global beauty brand, and we couldn’t have done it without our original team members. These seven members of Team Tata have been here since the beginning of our journey and are part of the reason we’ve become the award-winning green beauty brand we are today. Here, they look back at the last decade of Tata Harper Skincare—and share the product they can’t live without.

Amy, Director of Operations

Years at Tata Harper Skincare: 10 

"I cannot imagine how my life (or skin) would be if I hadn't been here — we have an awesome team (family)!"

Her Must: Elixir Vitae 

Jon, Batchroom Supervisor

Years at Tata Harper Skincare: 10 

“Knowing that hidden within these amazing plants is a vast intelligence that is challenging to comprehend is one of the many reasons why my heart lies here.”

His Must: Aromatic Treatments

Lani, Quality Manager

Years at Tata Harper Skincare: 10

"I always look back to the fun we've had working (and learning) to create something unique."

Her Must: Resurfacing Mask

 Chelsea, Executive Assistant to Tata Harper

Years at Tata Harper Skincare: 10  

"I've seen this business grow in so many ways — from cows in the barn to people. I'm so happy I took that chance on the "Skincare Farm" all those years ago." 

Her Must: Revitalizing Body Oil 

Kristen, Senior Vice President of Global Sales

Years at Tata Harper Skincare:  7 Years

“Over the years, I have experienced and learned so much, built so many relationships (all over the world), traveled to more places than I ever thought possible, but I am most proud to be part of the movement that is taking over the global beauty industry, and working side by side everyday with the woman who challenged the status quo to make it all possible”

Her Must: Boosted Contouring Eye Balm

Steph, Herbal Production Manager

Years at Tata Harper Skincare: 10 

“The past 10 years with Tata have been the most incredible experience. I remember we were so proud the first day we sent out five orders—we went to the Shoreham Inn to celebrate our big day.”

Her Must: Retinoic Nutrient Complex

George, Fulfillment Manager

Years at Tata Harper Skincare: 9 (almost 10)

“I went from working with a laptop on a milk crate to managing the fulfillment Team in Shelburne. Time flies when you're having fun!”

His Must: Regenerating Cleanser

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