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Celebrating International Women's Day With Team Tata

Celebrating International Women's Day With Team Tata

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, and every day, we’re proud to celebrate our female-founded brand, our uncompromising female customers, and our incredible Tata Harper female leadership team! 78% of the departments here at Tata Harper Skincare are run by women. We are so grateful to be surrounded every day by such intelligent, dynamic, go-getters — and glow-getters! Let’s celebrate them together, and take a look at the day-to-day of what it takes to #greenyourbeautyroutine.

Female Founder & CEO

In 2010, Tata launched Tata Harper Skincare and brought luxury green beauty to the forefront of the conversation for the first time. With ambition and determination, she accomplished what many told her was impossible: a 100% natural skincare that worked and would never make women choose between beauty and their health again.

All Female R&D

Going into the Tata Harper Lab is magic in and of itself, but to witness a group of ladies leading the way in developing some of the most complicated formulas on the market? Priceless.

In our laboratory on our farm in Vermont, our head of Research and Development Serena and her team work to turn all of your dream products into reality! From our raw material library to our benchmark beauty closet and dream team of intelligent women, this is where the magic begins!

Female-Led Marketing & Sales

Our marketing and sales teams are responsible for bringing our products to consumers all around the world — and they are led by some incredible women! 

From our SVP of Sales Kristen, Audrey our Chief Digital Officer and Karen our SVP of Brand Marketing, we have some serious girl power leading Tata Harper’s global expansion.

Female-Led Packaging Development

From packaging with Kaitlyn, to design with Katie, and project management by Jenya, our packaging development team is overseen by a talented group of creative ladies.

They work to make sure our high-performing formulas are also packaged to the highest standards. With sustainability being the primary focus, our Product Development team goes through countless samples until we create the perfect components for packaging.

Female-Led Quality & Operations

Our Operations Team at Tata Harper oversees the entire production process — from batching each product to filling every bottle and packing every box. This entire process takes place on our farm in Vermont and is overseen by the amazing Amy!

Meanwhile, our Quality Team is overseen by Tosha, who works to ensure that every product leaving our farm is the best we can provide, and consistent every time. She is an integral part of maintaining our strict standards for quality!

A Female-Led Garden

And we can't forget to mention our organic garden — which is also managed by two incredible women.
Doreen and Steph lead everything from choosing new seeds to planting, maintaining, and harvesting all spring and summer long. Have you heard of our Estate Grown Beauty Complex? Each plant in this formula is grown right here in Vermont and used in nearly every Tata Harper formula!
Tata Harper Herbs

Our Commitment To Equal Opportunities

We believe it is important for women to have equal opportunities in the workplace, our communities, and around the world.

We also believe that every single girl deserves the opportunity to learn, lead, and thrive. This year for International Women’s Day, we wanted to focus on supporting our young, vulnerable females by contributing a portion of our sales to Plan International USA to support their advancement of equality for girls and their ambition of ensuring 10 million girls are safe, educated and economically empowered. 

Our mission goes beyond beauty — we want to make your life better. Our products are made without compromise, for women made without compromise. Plan International’s efforts empower our future female entrepreneurs and work to give us the next generation of uncompromising women.

To all of our uncompromising women out there, Happy International Women’s Day and cheers to health and beauty!