Tata Harper Ingredient Glossary

Our high quality ingredients come from around the globe and each has been hand selected by Tata for its unique benefit to your skin.

Definition of Natural

A formula composed of non-GMO plant, mineral, marine, and/or animal ingredients that do not contain petrochemicals and are physically or chemically processed without the use of petrochemicals.

Definition of Non-Toxic

Formula is not known to cause environmental damage or result in non-allergy related injury/illness to people when used as directed.

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AAI2 Love Potion 2.0

ABT Aromatic Bedtime Treatment

AET Aromatic Energy Treatment

AIT2 Aromatic Irritability Treatment 2.0

AST2 Aromatic Stress Treatment 2.0

BA Be Adored

BCS2 Boosted Contouring Serum 2.0

BDS Smoothing Body Scrub

BFL Flashy

BFT Flirty

BLO Lovely

BLU Lucky

BNA Naughty

BPE Peachy

BSP Spicy

BT Be True

CBE2 Concentrated Brightening Essence 2.0

CBS2 Concentrated Brightening Serum 2.0

CCL Clarifying Cleanser

CCL2 Clarifying Cleanser 2.0

CMK Clarifying Mask

CMK2 Clarifying Mask 2.0

CMR Clarifying Moiturizer

COL2 Nourishing Oil Cleanser 2.0

CSS Clarifying Spot Solution

DEH Very Flashy

DEX Small-Batch Exclusive Resurfacing Mask

DTX2 Purifying Mask 2.0

EEC2 Elixir Vitae Eye Serum 2.0

EEC3 Elixir Vitae Eye Serum 3.0

EEM2 Boosted Contouring Eye Balm

EV2 Elixir Vitae (8-2019 onward)

FCO Beautifying Face Oil

FEL2 Illuminating Eye Crème 2.0

FEL3 Illuminating Eye Crème 3.0

FML Illuminating Moisturizer

GLC2 Purifying Cleanser 2.0

HFE2 Hydrating Floral Essence 2.0

HFM2 Hydrating Floral Mask 2.0

HGM Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer

LBO2 Limited Edition Revitalizing Body Oil 2.0

LCF Very Sweet

LCP Very Charming

LVN Very Naughty

LVP Very Popular

MBL2 Resurfacing Body Serum 2.0

OBO Calendula Body Oil

PET Instant Recovery Eye Tea

RBO Revitalizing Body Oil

RE Restorative Eye Crème

RE2 Restorative Eye Crème 2.0

RFC2 Refreshing Cleanser 2.0

RGC2 Regenerating Cleanser 2.0

RHM Raw Honey Crystal Mask

RM Resurfacing Mask

RM2 Resurfacing Mask 2.0

RMR2 Crème Riche 2.0

RNC Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil

RPM2 Repairative Moisturizer 2.0

RS2 Rejuvenating Serum 2.0

RSE Resurfacing Serum

SCL Softening Cleanser

SEC Bio-Barrier Eye Creme 2.0

SEM Fortifying Moisturizer

SES Bio-Barrier Serum

SFO Bio-Shield Face Oil

SMA Radiance Mask

SPM Water-Lock Moisturizer

STC Redefining Body Balm

SXC Refining Cleanser